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Get your house(s) in order!
Its time to make sure that your bird houses are ready for occupants!  In order to be a good landlord, now is the time to ensure that your boxes are cleaned out, in good repair and ready for action.  Of the four elements of a bird habitat (food, water, shelter and places to raise young), Spring is the time of year to concentrate on the last one.  The longer days are triggering hormones that tell the birds that its time to look for good places to raise a family, so make sure yours is ready for them.

Bird houses are the best way to attract some of the 30+ cavity nesters we have here in North Carolina.  In fact, we tell anyone eager to host bluebirds that it is sometimes more effective to put up a bird house rather than a bird feeder to attract these beautiful birds.  Even in the winter, bluebirds are constantly scouting for good nesting cavities. Customers often report back that the bluebirds started investigating the bird houses within hours (sometimes minutes) of installation.

Not just bluebirds.

Remember to offer a variety of food and in a variety of feeders in order to get the largest variety of birds?  Well, variety is important for bird houses too.  Different sized houses with varying hole sizes will ensure that birds of all sizes find a house they can call home.

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Happy 2015

The holiday decorations are packed away, the cold days of winter are upon us and these can be hard times for the wildlife in our gardens.

The natural foods are depleted. Fresh–and liquid–water is hard to find on frigid days.  Roosting cavities and other shelter can be particularly challenging to find in our very neat and manicured landscapes.

Providing for birds in harsh conditions can be life-saving for some of our feathered friends.  A good bird habitat will have food, water and shelter, all of which are especially important in the winter.

In light of all the rain we have had recently, make sure your feeders are filled with fresh food.  You may need to pour out and clean up feeders if the seed has gotten wet.  Scrape out all of the old seed caked in the bottom and refill with quality seed. This is important for thistle feeders as well as mixed seed feeders

Frozen water doesn’t do the birds any good at all.  Birds need fresh water for bathing purposes (clean feathers keep them warm) as well as for drinking.  The easiest way to ensure the water is ready for the birds is to buy a bird bath heater or a heated bird bath.  If that is not feasible, keep an eye on the bird bath and pour in some fresh (and warmer) water on those really cold days.

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