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We Are Not Your Average Bird Store

We have a great selection of bird houses, bird feeders, bird guides, garden art, and wonderful nature-inspired gifts.

We have National Wildlife Federation Certified Habitat Stewards on staff to answer your questions and help you create the wildlife habitat in your backyard that you've always wanted.

If you're having problems with squirrels, we can help you defeat them with squirrel-proof feeders that work or pole-and-squirrel-proof baffle set-ups that will keep them off your feeding pole or post.

  • Nature Walks!

  • Join Master Naturalist Taylor Piephoff on journeys into the wild.
  • Frog Walks!

  • Join Master Naturalist Taylor Piephoff on journeys into the wild.

Nature Walks!

Join Master Naturalist Taylor Piephoff on journeys into the wild.

Frog Walks!

Join Master Naturalist Taylor Piephoff on journeys into the wild.

Master Naturalist Taylor Piephoff will lead these walks along the Four Mile Creek Greenway in Piper Glen. This is a flat greenway along the creek and is either paved or on a boardwalk the entire length. We walk down to the cattail marsh and back, 2-3 hours at a leisurely pace, starting at Bird House.

Walks are $5 per person, which goes to Taylor for his time and expertise. Since we limit the number of people to smaller groups, please only register if you are sure that you can make it, so we don't waste any slots.

If you are interested in registering, click REGISTER below. If the walks sell out, there will be a waitlist in case of cancellations. So make sure you put yourself on the waitlist if there are no more slots.

BIRD WALK, Saturday 3/16/24, 9:30AM

Master Naturalist and Chief Frogologist, Taylor Piephoff, will lead this walk along the greenway to help us find birds and other wildlife, flora and fauna!



Join Carol for this free VIRTUAL workshop via ZOOM to learn how to create a haven to attract Hummingbirds. Must register to receive the link.


Field Notes by Master Naturalist Taylor Piephoff

Curious About Birds?

If you want to learn about birds, they definitely want to learn about you! Give these beautiful wonders the chance to check out your yard!

Expand your knowledge and learn some more about the different wild birds here in North Carolina. Information kindly provided by Cornell Lab of Ornitholgy.

Check out our recorded Bird Nerd Workshops below!

Hummingbird Workshop March 25th, 2021

Want to get hummingbirds happy but missed our live workshops? No problem! Check out the recording on tips to bring these lovely birds to your backyard!

Watch Video

Attracting Songbirds March 24th, 2021

Are you looking to attract an abundance of species and make your yard an avian paradise? Here's a presentation from the Marvin Chapter of the NC Wildlife Federation (MARSH) about attracting songbirds to your yard.

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On the Air!

We were invited to appear on the Fabulous Francene Marie show to talk about the birds and the bees (and butterflies). It was a great conversation with a great lady! Click to listen to the show in case you missed it.

Listen to the Show

Don't Touch That Nest!

Don't remove the nest once the chicks have fledged!
Once mama gets those birds weaned, she will put a fresh layer of straw on the old nest and start her next brood.
If you remove the nest, you may cause her to go elsewhere for the second batch, so resist the urge!
Unless something tragic or gross happens (dead babies, smashed eggs), just leave it alone!