Fall Seed Sale!

It's Time for the Seed Sale!

From September 1 to October 31, pre-purchase your seed and get a 15% discount! Buy 100 lbs, 150 lbs, 200 lbs, and beyond, then come in when it's convenient to you to pick up 20 lbs at a time throughout the year!

No need to store the seed -- You pick it up whenever you need it over the course of a year (or longer if needed!).  We get fresh seed each week, and you will still be getting that delicious fresh seed as usual. 

Like all other retailers, our suppliers are unsure if they will be able to keep the same seed prices next year because of these chaotic times. Taking advantage of our annual seed sale event guarantees against any possible price increases.  

If you aren't sure how much seed you have used over the year, just give us a call or send us an email (Carol@GreenwayBirdHouse.com) and we can tell you how many pounds you used to feed your feathery friends. 

The seed sale is available at both locations, but seed must be purchased separately for each store and is non-transferable between stores. You can pre-purchase your seed in person or by phone at Bird House (704-541-1180) or Wildology (704-443-9000). 

In addition to the discount, you save can save yourself time and heartache by calling the store, and we will bring your seed outside to minimize contact and parking lot drama!

An often-overlooked benefit is the added "cool factor." You will be able to waltz in, tell us your name and the amount of seed you're taking, pick up your bag, and waltz out in style. We bird nerds don't always have the opportunity to strut our stuff, but pre-purchasing seed will give you that aura of awesome you might be missing. 

Give us a call or come on over from September 1 to October 31 to participate in the sale! 

Don't Touch That Nest!

About Us

Bird House on the Greenway is owned and operated by Carol Buie and Jay Jackson. Learn why they founded the store, and what makes it a different kind of bird store.

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Come read our birding adventures!

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Our Birds

Expand your knowledge and learn some more about the different wild birds here in North Carolina. Information kindly provided by Cornell Lab of Ornitholgy

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Sustainable Small Business of the Year

Bird House on the Greenway was recently named SUSTAINABLE SMALL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR by Mecklenburg County's Solid Waste Department!

Since before we opened, we have worked hard to minimize our impact on the environment, reduce our carbon footprint and work with the community to promote sustainable practices, and its nice that they noticed.

We were honored along with 7 other local businesses at a banquet at the Foundation for the Carolinas.    Melinda Johnston, of the Charlotte Observer, wrote a great article on our efforts.  Here's a link to her article.

On the Air!

We were recently invited to appear on the Fabulous Francene Marie show to talk about the birds and the bees (and butterflies).  It was a great conversation with a great lady!  We hope she invites us back soon.  Here's a link to the show in case you missed it.

Visit Our Second Location

Come visit Wildology at Waverly Shopping Center!

704-443-9000  GOWILDOLOGY.COM

Not Your Average Bird Store

We're not your average wild bird products store.  In addition to one-of-kind products we provide excellent customer service, great education and answers for all of your questions.  Try our custom seed mix, Greenway Blend.   It's especially formulated for the birds in this region.  Each bag of Greenway Blend was packaged just days prior to your purchase.  That's not the case with seed you purchase at your local grocery store or big box center.  There is no better bird seed in Charlotte.  We have a great selection of bird houses, bird feeders, bird guides, garden art and wonderful nature inspired gifts.   We have National Wildlife Federation Certified Habitat Stewards on staff that can answer your questions and help you create the wildlife habitat in your backyard you've always wanted.   If you're having problems with squirrels we can help you defeat them with squirrel-proof feeders that really work or pole & squirrel-proof baffle set-ups that will keep them off your feeding pole or post.   Follow us on Facebook and/or sign up for our email newsletter below so you can learn and stay up to date on what's happening at the store.  Once a month our newsletter subscribers can take 10% off regularly priced items, once per month.  Learn more about birds and wildlife as well as all of our activities.  Throughout the year we have various bird walks and frog walks on the Four Mile Creek Greenway across the street from the store.  We also visit Latta Park and the Six Mile Creek Greenway at different times..   So whether you want to attract more birds, or different birds, fight squirrels, improve your backyard for wildlife we can help.  We can't wait to see you!

Free Delivery!!


You've been fighting with (and complaining about) our parking lot for years so the time has come for us to do something about it!

DELIVERIES!!!!!!   FREE DELIVERIES!!!!!  Get your fresh Greenway Blend (or whatever) delivered right to your DOORSTEP!

Starting July 1st, we will be offering deliveries twice per week.  For orders over $50 the delivery will be FREE!  For orders less than $50, there will be a $7 delivery charge.  

The initial delivery area will be anything inside the 485 beltway and south to Waxhaw.  We will iron out the details as we get a feel for how popular this will be and may expand it if there's a demand.  If you aren't sure if you are in the delivery area, call and check.  Or if you want to be considered for delivery, please send an email to Carol@greenwaybirdhouse.com.  We will consider all requests. 

We are working on a tech solution that will automate the process, but in the meantime, you can place your order with either store by calling, telling us what you need and providing a credit card number.

On Tuesdays and Fridays (except July 5 and some holidays), we will deliver to your home or office.  There may be some weeks that the delivery days change due to staffing levels, but we will let you know that when you place your order. 

We will leave it on your doorstep.  If we are delivering seed while you're not home you may want to provide a metal container to place the seed in to prevent critters from helping themselves.

ANYTHING in the store is available for delivery:  All of our seed blends, suet, hummingbird feeders, garden art, etc.  If it is especially heavy, like a large bird bath, special arrangements may need to be made, but we will cross that bridge, as they say, when you order it.

If you have pre-purchased seed on our Bulk Seed Program, you can now get that seed delivered for the $7 fee.

Place your order today!
Bird House on the Greenway   704-541-1180
Wildology at Waverly    704-443-9000