Identify Plants


Many of you know that Bird House is a proud corporate sponsor of the North Carolina Wildlife Federation  which is the state affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation.  Both organizations are big proponents of planting with native plants in order to help create wildlife habitat, especially if you are trying to attract birds.    
Identifying wildlife-friendly native plants has never been easier with a new tool that the National Wildlife Federation recently launched in partnership with Dr. Doug Tallamy and based on his research.

To use this database with native plants for your area, follow this link, enter your zip code, and explore the listing of plants to start planning the bird sanctuary that you want to create!  

And its not just birds!  There is also a database of the butterflies and moths for your zip code and the host plant needed for the caterpillar stage to ensure your garden will be filled with these beautiful pollinators.

This is a wonderful resource for you to use to help restore some of the wildlife habitat we are losing to development.  The website is free but we hope you will consider support both organizations and the work they do protecting the wild lives and wild places we all love!