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Bird House on the Greenway is owned and operated by Carol Buie and Jay Jackson.  Both have been avid birders and wildlife enthusiasts for more than 30 years and have a great deal of knowledge about the local birding community.

That’s why Bird House on the Greenway is a DIFFERENT kind of bird store! Carol and Jay’s mission is to supply the avid birder and nature enthusiast with quality products and to attract and educate new people to the hobby of birding and the appreciation of nature. Carol is extremely knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to what’s best for wildlife.  Carol and Jay are certified Habitat Stewards with the National Wildlife Federation.  Carol is also a Master Composter with Mecklenburg County, founder of HAWK (Habitat and Wildlife Keepers) and former Chair of the North Carolina Wildlife Federation and her approach to attracting birds is a holistic one.  “Attracting birds is more than putting up feeders, it’s ensuring that all the elements birds and native wildlife need to survive and thrive, are present”.

Carol and Jay are passionate about preserving and creating places for wildlife so a portion of their profits will go to support the NC Wildlife Federation, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting wild lives and wild places.


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