Native Plants

Larval Host Plants

Spice Bush - Lindera benzoin

Spicebush is a deciduous shrub that can grow to 16 feet tall.  It is typically found in the understory of thickets.  The flowers grow in showy yellow cluster that appear in early spring, and the fruit is a berrylike red drupe, rich in lipids. Spicebush is the favorite food plant of two insects, the Spicebush Swallowtail butterfly and the Promethea Silk moth.  Spicebush Swallowtail larvae can be easily found inside leaves folded over by silk applied by caterpillars.

Native Plums - Prunus americana and Prunus angustifolia

American Plum (Prunus americana) and Chickasaw Plum (Prunus angustifolia) provide fruit loved by many animals and birds. 

Oaks - Quercus sp.


Hazelnut Corylus americana
Hearts-a-bustin Euonymus americana
Dwarf Huckleberry Gaylussacia dumosa
Wild Hydrangea Hydrangea arborescens
Inkberry   Ilex glabra
Virginia Willow Itea virginica
Mountain Laurel Kalmia latifolia
Fetterbush  Lyonia lucida
Dwarf Azalea   Rhododendron atlanticum
Wild Azalea Rhododendron periclimenoides
Sparkleberry    Vaccinium arboretum
Highbush Blueberry  Vaccinium corymbosum
Deerberry Vaccinium stamineum
Lowbush Blueberry Vaccinium vacillans
Mapleleaf Viburnum  Viburnum acerifolium
Arrowwood Viburnum dentatum
Wild Raisin Viburnum nudum
Rattanvine Berchemia scandens
Crossvine Bignonia capreolata
Trumpet Vine Campsis radicans
Carolina Jessamine Gelsemium sempervirens
Coral Honeysuckle Lonicera sempervirens
Virginia Creeper Parthenocissus quinquefolia
Passionflower  Passiflora incarnata
Grape Vitis spp.
Christmas Fern Polystichum acrostichoides
Wildflowers & Herbs 
Hemp Dogbane Apocynum cannabinum
Columbine   Aquilegia Canadensis
Jack-in-the-Pulpit Arisaema triphylium
Virginia Snakeroot Aristilochia serpentaria
Goat’s Beard  Aruncus dioicus
Swamp Milkweed Asclepias incarnata
Butterfly Weed Asclepias tuberosa
White Milkweed  Asclepias variegata
Heart-Leaved Aster  Aster divaricatus
White Heath Aster Symphotrichum ericoides